Escuelita Spanish School expands its Brattleboro offerings!

Many of us had frustrating experiences “learning” a foreign language in school. We were taught the grammar rules before we could speak and understand the language, and after several years of study we could conjugate verbs but couldn’t hold a conversation. Escuelita’s classes use current brain and language acquisition research to create classes that allow our students to truly acquire the language faster than they imagined possible. Our classes are not only effective– they are extremely fun. Every class is different because they are completely personalized to the students in the group. Together, the class co-creates stories and wacky situations (ever notice how it is the strange/funny details that stick in your brain?)– entirely in 100% comprehensible Spanish! Our summer offerings include:

Weekend Immersion for beginners/intermediate students: June 29th-30th!
(Today is the last day of the early registration discount!)

Weekly class on Wednesdays beginning July 17th

Summer camp for children ages 4-10 in July

Weekend Immersion in August

( for details)

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