Timeline for Windham Southeast School District Merger

Windham Southeast School District (WSESD) (Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Putney) Current Timeline for Merger (without legislative or court action)

Merged Board Elections

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Election for representatives to the WSESD School Board, by Australian ballot. Polls open in each Town 8am-7pm. Registered voters in each of the four towns will cast ballots to select school board members for all four towns. Each town will have two voting members on the merged board. Merged board members from the four towns will represent everyone in the merged district. Early voting begins May 1, 2019.

First Annual Meeting of the WSESD

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 7pm in the gymnasium of Brattleboro Union High School. Childcare will be available.

Voters present at the WSESD annual meeting will vote on the new merged budget and amendments to the Articles of Agreement. Only those present will have the opportunity to vote.

Timeline Overview: The Transition Board will be crafting the new budget for all four towns and all schools. They will also create the rules, the Articles of Agreement, that govern important decisions (e.g. grade configurations, school closures, whether or not we have leadership councils to replace local school boards, et cetera).

● Wednesday, May 1, 2019: Early voting begins for WSESD School Board Election

● Sunday, May 5th, 4-6pm: Candidate Forum, all welcome, BAMS Multipurpose Room (Video recording to be posted on Brattleboro Community TV by Tuesday May 7th)

● Monday, May 13th, 7pm: Transition Board Meeting, Oak Grove School, Brattleboro

● Tuesday, May 14th: Candidate responses to a voluntary questionnaire available for review at Windham Southeast School District Website

● Thursday, May 16th, 6pm: Final Transition Board Meeting, Guilford School

● Tuesday, May 21st, 8am-7pm: WSESD School Board Election, see above

● Wednesday, May 22, 2019: New Merged Board is sworn into office. Transition Board disbands. New Merged Board warns budget and amendments to articles of agreement.

● Tuesday, June 25, 7pm: The first annual meeting of the WSESD, see above

● Sunday, June 30, 2019: The Local Town School District boards disband.

● Monday, July 1, 2019: The newly-elected WSESD board will assume oversight of the merged district’s school budget, school properties, etc.

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