11/19 Vote – Voter Beware

Question #2 & #3: Voter Beware!

If you think that voting yes on the proposed amendments on November 19th means voters would have a fair say in school closures… think again!

Read questions #2 and #3 carefully.  I like the idea of giving the voters a say.  Right now, the board would have authority to close classrooms or schools.  The voters have no say. But, if these amendments pass, the majority does not decide.

Let’s look at an example.  Say 100 voters–in each of three towns–all vote in favor of a school change.  That would be 300 voters saying yes.

But, in one town, say only one person turns out to vote.  And he votes against changes.
Under the proposed amendments, all 300 “yes” voters would be forced to the will of that one “no” voter.

How is this a fair democratic process?

I recognize the hard work people have put into this, but an attempt at changing our voting rights does not work for me.  There is no imminent danger or threat of any changes to class rooms or schools in the near future and no need to rush something through on this. Changes to any school are complicated and emotional issues.  But trying to take away the power of the voters is not the answer.

I urge you to vote NO on questions two and three.

P.S.   I attended the Brattleboro information meeting last week. I asked the school board members all of these questions, and I gave this example, They agreed with all of these points.

Brian Tyler

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  • The start of a continued mess?

    This may be the first of many attempts to balance out the merging of three relatively small entities with one large one.

    I can see why they might suggest this – they probably want each of the 4 towns to be “equal” in voting, and not give Brattleboro an edge due to population. But it is weird. Why should Putney have any say on schools in Dummerston, for example? I can imagine more balancing acts to be suggested in coming years.

    Aren’t they planning semi-local tribunals or councils or something, with students, teachers, and parents? Maybe those groups should decide.

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