WSESD – FY21 Budget Public Information Meeting


53 Green Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301


The Windham Southeast School District Board will host a Public Information Meeting meet remotely at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 via Zoom:

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Meeting ID: 812 3070 2346

Password: 4eBSzC


I. CALL TO ORDER – 6:00 p.m. – David Schoales, Board Chair

II. PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING – In Anticipation of the June 30, 2020 FY ’21 BUDGET VOTE


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  • WSESD Public Ballot Information Meeting on Boycotting the Budget and Diversity Committee Endorsement Request Status Non Update

    My understanding of President of the WSESD Board David Shoales response at the Public Ballot Information Meeting about boycotting passing the budget was that recovering from COVID was his exclusive priority, separate from and against this opportunity to motion with prison abolition, labor union empowerment, and enslavement reparations. One other white elder male member spoke in favor of approving the budget and all the rest of the 40 participating viewers present declined comment. Jeff Potter from the Commons Newspaper refused to release the print of, “Why Voters would withhold school funding as a protest against democide as usual” because he normalizes reducing life to business in how he edits People’s speech and censors their access to publication.

    At the June 16th Brattleboro/Wantastegok Selectboard meeting, members refused to count public votes against the $18 million municipal budget to be forwarded to the Annual Representative Town Meeting. All 11 voting participants — out of all of the over 100 public viewers — voted unanimously in opposition and should be counted for public records as a demonstration in solidarity with ceasing genocide by prioritizing enslavement reparations, prison abolition, and labor union reconciliation motions.

    The public can receive an official Windham Southeast School District 2020 Ballot from the official Vermont My Voter Page online and vote NO on Article 4 by resisting funding the $51 million school budget. This vote can protest complicity in genocide by communicating with all involved why and how this boycotting action urges timely resolve of:

    1. Stop forcing cis gendered assigned at birth men to enlist in the draft or else lose qualification to their public welfare entitlements, we need to protect residents from federal abuse of authority 
    2. Enabling basic income, free education, health care, and job security options with a muncipal currency so People are not militarized by desperation of poverty as their only opportunity for financial stability by risking war
    3. Pay to update the Brattleboro/Wantastegok Civil War Memorial with the missing 65 names of Soldiers of Color and a 2020 year marker
    4. Add the Brattleboro/Wantastegok War Memorials to the #AfroVermontHeritageTrail
    5. Establish a municipal reparations office employed by diverse qualified professionals with previous experience
    6. $16,200 owed of the 54 enlisted bounty law contracts in terms of 1863, now equivalent in purchasing power to about $331,862.14 to be paid to Organizations by People of Color when no surviving relatives accept direct deposit, $6,145.60 per family from municipal funds which are expected to be more timely dispensed than People with federally positioned duties whom have denied responsibility of managing
    7. Change our schools’ racist colonel/kernel mascot/name/logo

    I shared this agenda with the WSESD School Diversity an Equity Committee meeting this week for endorsement and wait for their response, with awareness that silence is a NO.

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