WSESD Diversity and Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes

Windham Southeast School District

Diversity Committee

June 22, 2020

Convened at 4:02

Members Present- Thomas Nolan, David Schoales, Anne Beekman, Shaun Murphy.

Board and staff present- Tim Maciel, Liz Adams, Kerry Amidon, Henry Zacchini, Ellen Tumavicus,Molly Stoner, Mikaela Simms, Mike Szostak,

Invited guest- Dottie Morris- KSC, Amanda Garces- Human Rights Commission

Public- Georgia, n, Nicole, Mx$RR, Tara O’Brien, Shannon Kelly, Gillian L, Jac Clark, Rhonda Winegarner, Robin Young, Mary’s iphone, Zara’s iphone,

1. Minutes of May 18, 2020 approved.

2. Commitment Document conversation- Broad discussion of the document and our schools in general, concluding with the following motion, by Thomas Nolan, second Anne Beekman:

Move that the Diversity Committee recommend the WSESD Board endorse the proposed Commitment Document of 6/12/20 and undertake the development of strategic action plans in 90 days for all WSESD schools to address the eight points in the document.

Approved 4-0.

Committee agreed to ask that improving the diversity of school Leadership Councils be added to the July 1 agenda.

3. Motion to adjourn at 6:10- approved 4-0.


WSESD Personnel Committee – Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Present: Kelly Young, Anne Beekman, Kerry Amidon, Liz Adams, Shaun Murphy

Also: Lyle Holiday, David Schoales, Andy Skarzynski, Steve Perrin

Meeting called to order at 4:46 pm by Kelly Young.

On a motion by Liz Adams, seconded by Anne Beekman the minutes of June 5th were approved with Shaun Murphy abstaining.

Steve Perrin presented 6 proposals for 1% funding as follows:

Planning for reopening – 30 FTE – $6,960

Remote learning Band & Chorus – 17 FTE – $3,944.17

Remote learning Math department – 12 FTE – $2,784.12

Training new math teachers – 5 FTE – $1,106.45

Arts Academy curriculum planning – 8 FTE – $1,856.08

Remote learning Biology department – 10 FTE – $2,320.10

On a motion by Kerry Amidon and seconded by Anne Beekman, the 1% funding requests were approved.

On a motion by Anne Beekman and seconded by Kerry Amidon the board voted to adjourn at 5:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Kerry Amidon

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