WSESD Finance Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Windham Southeast School District

Finance Committee Meeting – Tuesday 11/08/22
5:00pm @ WRCC Cusick Conference Room

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Members: Shaun Murphy – Chairperson, Michelle Luetjen Green, Anne Beekman
Board Recorder: Wendy Levy

1. Approval of Minutes
2. Budget Development Process Overview & Timeline
3. Recommendation to Board to Approve Warrants and Payrolls
4. Other
Meeting is scheduled to adjourn at 5:50pm
cc. SM, 11/2/22


Windham Southeast School District
Finance Committee Meeting – Tuesday 10/11/22
5:00pm @ Cusick Conference Room @ WRCC
Meeting Minutes
Finance Committee Members: Shaun Murphy – Chairperson, Michelle Luetjen Green,
Anne Beekman, David Schoales (absent)
Members of the Public and Administration in attendance:
Kristina Naylor, Jerry Carbone, Kathy Carbone, Jody Normandeau,
Mark Speno, Superintendent; Frank Rucker, Business Administrator

1. Approval of Minutes;

Unanimously Approved

2. Year to Date Fiscal Review; 1st quarter FY 2023

Frank Rucker provided an overview of the WSESD Financial Statements for the period July 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022. Year to date spending was reported in the amount of $10,246,231, encumbrances were $32,715,722, leaving a year to date balance of $18,068,364. The FY23 General Fund operating budget is $61,030,316. A brief review of the General Fund Balance Sheet was presented, it was noted assets exceeded liabilities by $9.2 million which reflects a favorable financial position as of 9/30/22.

3. Whetstone Village Property update;

Jerry and Kathy Carbone, representatives from the Whetstone Village Property Owners Association (WVA), joined the meeting. Transfer of the Windham Regional Career Center property was the topic of discussion. The property was originally acquired in 2000 as part of the construction services program at the WRCC. The WRCC has deemed that the WVA site, consisting of three lots that are .39 acres each, are not viable projects given site characteristics, WVA development constraints, and construction trades program goals.

Shaun Murphy noted the District’s efforts to sell and or transfer ownership of the property has included engaging real-estate agents over several years and reaching out to a public housing authority. Despite these efforts, no interested parties have made a purchase offer. General feedback from prospective buyers refer to the WVA bylaw constraints placed on development of the property.

Two possible next steps were presented by Jerry and Kathy. If approved by the WVA a WVA representative will petition the Brattleboro Town Listers to reclassify as “excess land” in anticipation of lowering the current $15k tax assessed value of each lot. If this is accomplished then it is anticipated the WVA will accept a transfer of ownership from the District. In the alternative, if the

Listers do not reduce tax assessed value then WVA would engage in a long term lease agreement whereas WVA controls use of the space in exchange for elimination of the annual association fee which currently is $1650 annually for the 3 lots owned by the District.

4. Recommendation to Board to Approve Warrants and Payrolls;

Unanimously Approved

5. Other
Kristina Naylor, representative of the Independent Budget Advisory Committee, indicated Maggie Foley, Guilford representative, has committed to serving on the Committee again for the FY24 budget development process. Kristina will be reaching out to the Putney and Brattleboro representatives to confirm participation on the Committee as well.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50pm
Cc.SM,BN 10/13/22

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