WSESU Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Board

53 Green Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301

The Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Board will meet at 6:00 p.m. on
Wednesday, January 11, 2023 in WRCC Room 194 and remotely via Zoom.

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I. CALL TO ORDER—6:00 p.m. — Kerry Amidon, Board Chair
Approval of Minutes – December 21, 2022
Warrants of December 21, 2022
Warrant No. 1102 in the amount of $ 313.01
Warrant No. 1103 in the amount of 236.12
Warrant No. 1106 in the amount of 112.00
Warrant No. 1107 in the amount of 1,317.89
Warrant No. 1108 in the amount of 436,675.01
Warrants of January 4, 2023
Warrant No. 1109 in the amount of $ 3,307.18
Warrant No. 1110 in the amount of 209,335.21
Warrant No. 1115 in the amount of 10,997.75
Warrant No. 1116 in the amount of 594.69
Warrant No. 1117 in the amount of 2,119.47
Warrant No. 1118 in the amount of 521,283.08
December 16, 2022 $590,714.70
December 30, 2022 $521,471.56

IV. Administrative Report

Act 173 Presentation

V. Public Comment for Items Not on the Agenda (10 minutes)

VI. Unfinished Business

A. Next VSBA Training – Discussion

VII. New Business

A. Retirements / New Hires
B. Principal Mentor Position
C. Discussion on Board Norms
D. Laying the Groundwork for a Summer Retreat
E. Discussion on Agenda Setting Protocol

VIII. EXECUTIVE SESSION – 1 V.S.A. § 313 (a)(3) – Appointment or employment or evaluation of a public officer or employee, provided that the public body shall make a final decision to hire or appoint a public officer or employee in an open meeting and shall explain the reasons for its final decision during the open meeting.



Wednesday, December 21, 2022
WRCC Rm 194 and remotely via Zoom

Board members present: Kerry Amidon (KA, Chair), Kelly Young (KY, Vice Chair). Via Zoom: Michelle Green (MG), Tim Maciel (TM, Clerk), Liz Adams (LA)
Guests present: Mark Speno, Frank Rucker, Paul Smith and Tate Erickson.
Via Zoom: Joe Grutta , Kristina Naylor, Jaci Reynolds, Deborah Stanford, David Schoales, Deb Schiller, Jodi Nutting, Whitney Christmas, Kristina Naylor, Chris Eubank, Jay Maggie, Yao Ming
Note: Zoom attendance may be incomplete
I. Call to order by Chair at 5:30 pm + reading of SU Mission Statement.
Motion made by KA to amend the agenda to add an Executive Session under 1VSA 313 (a)(1)(a) and to add a Public Comments period. Motion made by MG, seconded and approved unanimously.

II. Executive Session.
Motion by LA to move into ES under 1VSA 313 (a)1 (a), Contracts. Seconded. Approved unanimously. Entered into ES at 5:33 pm. Left ES at 6:00 p.m. No action taken.

III. Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes of 12.14.22 meeting Motion by LA, seconded. Approved unanimously to accept minutes of 12.14.22.
Motion by KY to approve Superintendent’s goals. Seconded. Approved unanimously.

IV. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items.
No comments.

V. Administrative Report.
Mark Speno delivered the Admin report, mainly a recap of the framework for budgetary decisions. Highlights:

a. 2 new ELL positions to support influx of Afghan students.
b. Tech cyber security investment.
c. Facility Manager’s position.
d. Capital improvements in HVAC, energy efficiency.
e. Investments in instructional coaching, nursing, clinicians, counselors to support CIP.
f. Investments in MLSS and EST delivery.
g. DEI support included addition of DEI coach + Teacher Leader Stipends to support DEI work.

VI. Executive Session.

Motion by MG made to enter ES under 1VSA 313(a)(3). Seconded.
Approved unanimously. Frank Rucker and Mark Speno invited into ES. Left ES at 6:34 p.m. No action taken.

VII. Finance Report.
Discussion of Budget. Highlights:
a. “Budget season” is misnomer since budget development is year-long process and Board members always have a fiduciary responsibility with every decision made. Steps taken today are not set in stone. Goal is always what’s best for our students.
b. Review of same budget doc presented last week showing a $31,253,290 m budget for SU down 3.2% from last year. Covers 4 main areas:
i. Admin & transportation. $5,009,508 which includes DEI, ELL, technology and curriculum and assessment. Also includes additional HR support position.
ii. SpEd. $17,426,155 up substantially b/c of outside placements.
iii. Grants. 10,071,000 in current budget reduced to $6,408,000 due to ESSRIII reductions.
iv. Food Services. $2.409,012 up 8.1% despite flat enrollment. Increase mainly result of inflation.
c. 193 employees budgeted for SU is 5 fewer than in current budget. Resident students = 2,475.
d. Qs regarding Principal Coach Admin position. (Details on p. 79 of large doc). Funded by Title IIA for PD. School leadership critical for good outcomes for students. School year, full-time position. Roughly $85k including benefits.
e. Q. regarding $25K line item. Indirect cost reimbursement rate regulated by AOE for grants. Revenue source to reduce financial obligation to district. Goes to general fund and used for operations.
f. Q re. admin position v. nurse leader position. One appears to be an expense, the other a revenue. A: Nurse position eliminated and is now being funded elsewhere. What was once a state grant funded position. Now funded by ESSR.
g. Q re. fund balance: what is it spent on? A: It’s a general reserve and serves the cash flow for July, Aug., Sept. when operations are underway and revenues are not readily available. Used to avoid borrowing.
h. Motion made by KY to approve the WSESU budget in the amount of $31,253,290. Motion seconded. Roll call: KY: Aye, MG: Aye, TM: Aye, LA: Aye,
Motion passed.

VIII. Other business.

KA asked the board to consider board norms for future discussion. Also, asked for ideas for summer board retreat. Thus far, farms-to-school, student voice and CO. Also, need to discuss multi-year calendar.

Next meeting: Jan. 11, 2023

Meeting adjourned at approx. 7:30 p.m. upon motion by LA and approved unanimously.

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