WSESU Reorganizational Meeting Minutes

Windham Southeast Supervisory School Board
Minutes of Reorganization MeetingMarch 29, 2023

Directors present: Kerry Amidon, Anne Beekman, Deborah Stanford

Via zoom: Tim Maciel, Kelly Young

Also present: Mark Speno, Frank Rucker, Susan Grabowski

List of Zoom Attendees as of 6:15 pm follows at the end of these minutes

CALL TO ORDER6:02 p.m. Meeting called to order by Superintendent Speno.

A. Nominations/Election of Board Chair Anne Beekman

The Chair continued the meeting from this point.

B. Nominations/Election of Board ViceChair Kerry Amidon
C. Nominations/Election of Board Clerk Kerry Amidon

D. Establish Meeting Days/Time 2nd Wednesday of month, 6:00 
E. Board Committees N/A

On a motion by Deborah Stanford, the board voted to adopt Robert’s Rules for Small boards.
On a motion by Kelly Young, the board voted to accept the Consent Agenda as presented.

On a motion by Tim Maciel, the board voted to accept the minutes of February 8, 2023.

On a motion by Anne Beekman, the board voted to approve the Warrants and Payroll as presented,

Warrants of February 1, 2023
Payroll of January 27, 2023

Warrants of February 15, 2023

Payroll of February 10, 2023

Warrants of March 1, 2023

Payroll of February 24, 2023

Warrants of March 15, 2023

Payroll of March 10, 2023

There were no comments from the public.


Food Service Bid Renewal

Frank gave an overview of the timeline of the decision required working backwards:

July 1, 2023 start date of the new contract

May 10, 2023 40 days prior to start of contract allows time for supplies and staffing

May 1, 2023 Bid opening

April 13th prebid conference

The process began last August with discussions with the Vermont Child Nutrition Program in concert
with the USDA. The WSESU also has a Wellness Committee that works with various stakeholders (all
school nurses, principals, Fresh Picks, Food Connects) on our Wellness Policy (currently in draft form).

The RFP (which had been previously circulated to all VES and WSESD board members prior to board
reorganizations) was discussed. Namely, the Minimum Food Specifications which are on page 82 but
the modifications made locally are on pages 8287, which increase the standards to a higher quality

The financials and revenue sources of the $2.4 million program were detailed and possible changes
for funding at the state level discussed.

On a motion by Deborah Stanford, the RFP as presented was approved.

At the request of a board member, the board took a break at 7:17 pm and was called back to order at
7:23 pm.

Transportation Bid Request

Frank discussed the end of our 5 year bid for transportation services. Frank proposes a 1 year
extension allowed under state law if accepted by the current contractor (F.M. Kusmeskus/Beacon) if
the cost is within the current New England Economic cumulative price increase (currently at 3%).

Frank and Mark are currently working on such an arrangement and will come back to the board with
either acceptance or the need for a new 5 year RFP.

Resignations and New Hires

On a motion by Deborah Stanford, the board accepted the resignations of Tine Biolsi (district math
coach), Carrie Dix (special educator) and Ethan Jackson (special educator).

On a motion by Deborah Stanford, the board accepted the recommendation of administration to
hire Tine Biolsi as a special education teacher at Putney Central School.

On a motion by Kerry Amidon, the board voted to adjourn at 7:41 pm.

Notes respectively submitted by Kerry Amidon, Clerk

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