WSESD Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes

WSESD – Personnel Committee
Minutes of April 3, 2023

Meeting in person and via Zoom (no one present via zoom)

Members Present: Anne Beekman, Kim Price, Kerry Amidon

Also Present: Mark Speno, Nancy Wiese, Deborah Stanford

CALL TO ORDER: 4:44 PM – Mark Speno, Superintendent

Anne Beekman was elected chair on a motion by Kerry Amidon.

Kim Price was elected vice-chair on a motion by Kerry Amidon.

Kerry Amidon was elected clerk on a motion by Anne Beekman.

On a motion by Kerry Amidon, the minutes of March 23, 2023 were approved.

Nancy Wiese explained the 1% fund requests being proposed by both the WRCC and BUHS around dual enrollment classes. Teachers will be reimbursed for 2 days for the first year they plan and develop a class, then 1 day for the administration of the grading of the class. After the first year, they will be reimbursed only for the single day of administration.

The following 1% applications were approved:

WRCC & BUHS – dual enrollment approvals on a motion by Kerry Amidon;
Academy – Qualitative Research, Tier I Universal Expectations, and Sensory Integration on a motion by Kim Price;

Dummerston – MIddle School Sports, Conference attendance on a motion by Kim Price; and

Putney – Drama program on a motion by Kim Price.

There being no further business, the committee adjourned at 5:08 PM on a motion by Kim Price.

Respectfully submitted
Kerry Amidon, Clerk

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