WSESD Programmatic and Performance Equity Committee Meeting Minutes

WSESD Programmatic and Performance Equity Committee Meeting 5.22.23

Attendees: Ruby McAdoo, Kimberly Price and Liz Adams

It was decided that Ruby would be the chair and Kim would be the clerk.

The mission statement was discussed. Does this committee need to exist? Is everything already happening/being taken care of by the administration? How do we make sure all schools feel served?

Liz discussed how this committee was previously tasked with examining Title IX in regards to sports at the High School.

Liz would like us to look at Universal Pre-K and how to make it equitable in all towns/schools.

Ruby feels that the committee should not be charged with monitoring but instead fielding questions and concerns by community needs and wants.

Ruby is working on rewording the mission statement.

Future agenda topics: Pre-K access, School rotation for meetings, food services

Next meeting will be June 28 th . We will try to have it on the 3 rd Wednesday of every month after that.

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Kimberly Price

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