WSESD Board Meeting Minutes

Windham Southeast Supervisory Union School Board
Minutes of Regular Meeting— September 13, 2023

Directors present: Anne Beekman, Deborah Stanford, Tim Maciel
Via zoom: Kelly Young, Kerry Amidon

Also present: Mark Speno, Frank Rucker, Paul Smith

List of Zoom Attendees as of 6:10 pm follows at the end of these minutes

CALL TO ORDER—6:00 p.m. – Anne Beekman, Chair
The chair announced that the previously scheduled presentation on Act 173 is postponed until the 
October meeting.

On a motion by Deborah Stanford the board approved the minutes of August 16, 2023.

On a motion by Anne Beekman the board voted to approve the following warrants and payroll:

Warrants of August 16, 2023
Warrant No. 1023 in the amount of $ 21,970.93

Warrant No. 1027 in the amount of $ 1,633.08

Warrant No. 1029 in the amount of $ 247,249.50

Total $ 270,853.51

Warrants of August 30, 2023

Warrant No. 1030 in the amount of $ $ 197,267.90

Warrant No. 1035 in the amount of $ 2,716.00

Warrant No. 1036 in the amount of $ 194,783.86

Warrant No. 1037 in the amount of $ 83,942.40

Total $ 496,082.31

Payroll of August 11, 2023 $ 529,310.83

Payroll of August 25, 2023 $ 464,592.03

Frank Rucker reported that the 2023 fiscal year books are closing out well with an expected surplus on the revenue side which will increase our fund balance.


Superintendent Speno distributed hard copies of the updated board presentation calendar. A new column has been added to include the location of the meeting as the WSESD board will be visiting the district’s schools.

Mark gave an update on the continuing changes being made to the website including a new section for presentations as well as a streamlined communications section under the Superintendent’s page. Mark announced the upcoming fall benchmark meetings which will take place at all schools in October. This is an opportunity to set goals for moving forward. More updates will follow as those meetings take place.

A discussion was held on including resolutions on the website. Mark suggested the Communications Council be of assistance. Anne will contact them.


Policies presented for a first reading:

F10 – Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

H7 – Leadership Councils

Policies presented for a second read:

D3 – Staffing & Job Descriptions (First read: 6/14)

C7 – Board Relations with Administrators (First Read: 6/14)

B3 – Board Conflict of Interest (First read: 6/14)

H8 – Access Control and Visitor Management (First read: 8/16; formerly called F4)

E17 – Fire & Emergency Preparedness Drills (First read: 8/16; formerly called F3)

The chair reminded the board of the upcoming VSBA Superintendent Evaluation on October 5th at 5 pm. We will be meeting to see how we may want to customize the evaluation and discussing how to move forward.


On a motion by Tim Maciel, the board accepted with regret the resignation of Lilly DePino (district math coach).

On a motion by Tim Maciel, the board designated Deborah Stanford as the WSESU representative to the VSBA Annual Business Meeting.

On a motion by Kerry Amidon, the board voted to adjourn at 6:32 pm.

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