BUHS Leadership Council Meeting Minutes

BUHS Leadership Council Meeting
Minutes of November 9, 2023

Attendance: Kate, Stephanie, Ricky, Maureen, Tess, Lizzie, Hannah, Myles, Tim, Renee

Leadership Council organization

Stephanie was elected as Leadership Council Chair. Renee will continue to take minutes as Clerk.

Discussion of old business. Agree to leave issues from last year regarding the Athletic Department and Union with previous LC. Any issues with AD or department should be brought individually to Hannah directly. Winter Sports parent meeting set for 11/27.

Appreciation to Hannah for greatly improved communication and outreach regarding LC – emails, texts, and FB post.

Admin Report

School community embracing the Bears mascot. Excited by new uniforms, cheers, and happy to leave controversial mascot in the past.

Calm and good vibes in the hallways and classrooms as compared to last year. Students seem ready to learn. Students are actively involved with school clubs and organizations and athletics. Active Safety group.

Planned trip for 2025 fully enrolled with wait list

Staff focused on academic and social support and Tier 1 instructional practices. NEASC is in full process. Admin setting up additional collaboration time for department and also implementing peer observations for teachers – have someone from another department observe classrooms.

All new (and new to BUHS) teachers have a mentor.

School Board Report

Several school board members attended a conference on governance and issues facing the state. Increased focus on wellness.

Board in process of budget development for next year. Facing a “fiscal cliff” with health insurance increasing 16.5% and COVID funding coming to an end. State developing new policy on weighting student enrollment that will impact school and district budgets. Matt Schibley appointed as new board member to replace Lana Devers.

Topics for Deeper Discussion – focus of LC for 23-24

Budget – how is the school budget developed and how can the LC assist in identifying priorities. Ensure teachers and departments are asking for what they need. Review student interest, enrollment in classes, engagement, trends. Continuous Improvement plan is a focus of the budget.

VSAC/Graduation Rates/Aspiration program – ensure every student has a post-graduation plan – college, trade school, trainings, etc. Holly invited to come to LC meeting to discuss program.

Cell Phone policy – good start to year but now bit of slide. Each classroom enforces policy different. Some teachers take phone away, some require it be put in backpacks.

Other Business

Food for students. Currently, staff spend thousands of dollars a month out of their own pockets to purchase food for students. Ricky reports spending $350 per week out of his own pocket on food for students. Cafeteria (Fresh Picks) not providing enough food for students. Bound by federal and state nutrition mandates and cannot give students more than 1 meal or offer any extra food. Strictly enforcing a policy of not allowing students to remove food from the cafeteria, sharing food with other students.

Ricky is researching grants and other funding sources to supplement food that the cafeteria is providing. Request to outreach to school community to donate food.


Stephanie to send out doodle poll for December meeting.

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