Vote for Brian Remer for WSESD School Board

I am Brian Remer, I live in Guilford and I am asking for your vote for the WSESD School Board.  As an educator and facilitator, I am able to listen to many viewpoints, and find the common thread that leads to collaborative action.  I want to bring that ability to our school system.

The way people learn has been at the core of my professional life.  Whether teaching adults in non-profit organizations, children in middle school, or staff of the state of Vermont, I know that education needs to be engaging – especially for young people today.  I care deeply that we provide the opportunities for students and prepare them for the world. Our daughter Tilden graduated from BUHS so I’ve always had a stake in our local public-school system. Well-educated young people energize our communities with passion, optimism, and creativity.

With the effects of the pandemic and the pressure of social media, I am concerned about the mental health demands on our children.  I led Vermont’s Umatter suicide prevention initiative, taught classes on sexual harassment and bias, and I would like to ensure that young people have the support they need as they grow to adulthood.

Balancing resources for schools with the impact on taxpayers is also a challenging but necessary role for the school board. I look forward to acting as a liaison between the community and the school district, ensuring that diverse perspectives are heard and considered in decision-making.

I hope you share my vision for a positive, inclusive educational system that will support our community for the future.  If you do, please vote for me and encourage your neighbors and friends to vote too.

Brian Remer

(Guilford candidate)

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