Weekend Concert Series – Dread Zeppelin

Ready for your weekend concert? Here’s one you are either going to love or hate.

There isn’t much middle ground with Dread Zeppelin. You either enjoy an Elvis impersonator singing Zeppelin songs with a reggae twist, or you do not.

I do. This band cracks me up. To my ear they do excellent, inventive cover songs with the right mix of love and parody. Mixing Heartbreaker with Heartbreak Hotel is genius.

I saw them in DC at a small club. At one point, the guitar player launched into one of those epic guitar-player, noodling solos. The rest of the band put their instruments down and went and took a break, letting him keep on soloing. After a beer, they all returned and continued with the song.

This show is from 2000 in Alaska, of all places. (Who knew that bands played in Alaska?)

For those of you who cringe at this sort of thing, well, I apologize in advance. I know we had a more serious Zeppelin offering recently and encourage you to watch it if the cover versions aren’t your thing.

For everyone else, get ready to rock and laugh.

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  • Hilarious

    Thanks, Chris. Very entertaining! Led Zep is my favorite band, and I didn’t know about Dread.

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