1975 a Day in the Life…110 Llandaff

YEP PRODUCTIONS is presenting 110 LANDAFF. A short film being shot in Brattleboro on September 9th with David Koechner (The Office and Anchor Man) and Paula Pel (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock) playing the parents of Mary Jo Parker played by Cassandra Dunn. The supporting cast is made up of 18 New England Youth Theatre actors.

The story is in July, 1975, suburban Philadelphia. This semiautobiographical short film follows Mary “Jo” Parker, a thirteen-year-old tomboy, fifth of seven in a large Catholic family. Her wheelchair-bound brothers Matt and Daniel suffer from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, while parents Dorothy and Peter hold together a dysfunctional family with a deflective balance of silence and humor. Life is both hilarious and painful for the Parkers, who refuse to be defined by disability. Jo questions her feelings for another girl, but her self-discovery is put on hold when she learns Matt and Daniel are dying.

Writer and Director Jane Baker has been working on this project for 12 years. In addition to this project she happily works with a wonderful staff at The New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro, Vermont. Jane has been playing with Improv since she was introduced to it at 15 years old.

Jane and her partner Sharon moved to Vermont because it was the only state at the time that could assure that Sharon would have custody of their son Sam son later, Max, they are now diehard Vermonters. Jane is committed to making this film in the Brattleboro area and with several Brattleboro children from NEYT.
This script and project is a result of written memoirs transformed into a film script.

Producer, Roberta Marie Munroe is an award-winning filmmaker, author and international short film expert. Her book, HOW NOT TO MAKE A SHORT FILM: SECRETS FROM A SUNDANCE PROGRAMMER (Hyperion, 2009), a provocative and practical insider’s guide to making and distributing a great short film.

Production Contacts:
Doran Hamm, Production Assistant (508) 246- 8491 funwithdory@gmail.com
Rachel Brenna, Line Producer (310) 927-2440 rbmargate@gmail.com
Website: http://www.110llandaff.com
PLEASE DONATE! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/110-llandaff-a-short-film-starring-david-koechner-and-paula-pell/x/4463769

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  • Looking for pre-1975 cars

    The film crew is looking for pre-1975 vehicles to be in a street scene this week. Cars that would plausibly be on the street and in driveways in a residential neighborhood in 1975…4 door sedans, station wagons, pickup trucks, an original style VW Beetle or VW bus. Maybe a muscle car or convertible but not much that’s visibly modified from original appearance. A few of us antique car buffs are already lending a hand (i dropped off my car and keys Monday night for the whole week) but they could use some more!

    Contact Dory at the above number and email if you’re interested, or have a firend or relative who might be interested.


    • Neat.

      That’s a great collaboration – antique car buffs and movie makers.

      My first car was a 72 Chevy Impala. A boat, so to speak. You could put a VW Beetle in the glove compartment.

      If I still had it* I’d share it, but it is long gone.

      * The night before I sold it the alternator died. I told the person buying it, but they insisted they take the car as is and even gave me a bit extra for it. A few months later the police called and asked if my car had been stolen. It seems the person who bought it used it to steal a stove from an under-construction house and the police wondered if he had stolen the car, too. I didn’t want it back, but I asked if they had anything better. Uh, no… : )

      • Old cars are fun

        Mine’s a ’66 Rambler, original and unrestored. Looks good from a distance only, so it won’t be in any close-ups!

        They’re also using my 1970 Western Flyer bicycle…and it still has the original tires!

  • Quiet on the set

    I saw some old cars and a movie crew on Spruce Street today. The road was blocked off, lots of people were in the street, a game of street hockey was going on, and someone was holding a big boom mic.

    • Yes, that was them!

      Wish I could have been a spectator but I had to be away at a meeting all day. I didn’t receive any phone calls with car/bike questions or problems so I’m assuming that’s a good sign.

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