Sandglass Theater’s Puppets in Paradise is This Weekend!

On Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8 from 10am-4pm, Sandglass Theater announces the return of local favorite, Puppets in Paradise, a two-day extravaganza of performance, food, and community. “Paradise” is the enchanted setting of landscape architects Gordon and Mary Hayward’s gardens. Walk the gardens, take in the colors and smells of lush herbs, flowers, and other beautiful flora as you meet puppets, theater artists and musicians around each corner and behind every bush. The “Puppets” are 10 spectacular and entertaining short performances presented throughout the day among the flora. Food and refreshments add to the delight of a beautiful day.

Sandglass Theater is excited to welcome the return of Shoshana Bass after several years in Boulder, CO, working with the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Theatre. After entrancing countless children (and adults) at Pip 2011 with her role as the littlest elf in the stilt and puppet piece, “Orb.” Shoshi returns to Puppets in Paradise with her partner Casey Beauchamp, a B-Boy, performing artist, and acrobat from Colorado.

Together they will amaze and inspire the audience with their site-specific piece created especially for “The Meadow” at the Hayward Gardens. As two monkeys who emerge from the trees, Shoshi and Casey create a playful and dynamic interaction between dance, acrobatics, and environment. Using each other to propel, rise, and roll, these two are caught in a delightful game of monkey-play and precarious balancing, all the while creeping ever closer to the audience

This year also welcomes the return of many past favorites with brand new pieces, as well as some exciting new faces… and hands. Among the familiar faces will be Brooklyn’s WonderSpark Puppets, who wowed audiences last time with their ridiculously entertaining “Dueling Chefs”. They return with their version of the Ant and the Grasshopper. Also returning will be Irish puppeteer and funnyman, Fergus Walsh, presenting his now infamous and hilarious “Mr. Cuddles” about an extremely uncooperative teddy bear. Newcomers to the Puppets in Paradise roster, Sarah Nolen and Harrison Haney, will be bringing their piece “Tub Day” which recently played for very enthusiastic audiences at the Puppeteers of America festival in Swarthmore, PA. Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass, Artistic Directors of Sandglass Theater, will also be unveiling their newest piece, a “crankie” based on the French Canadian Folk Tune “Au Bois, Marguerite.”

The gardens, a thoughtful combination of informal New England landscaping and the more traditional English garden, provide the backdrop for the scenes being presented. Using specific locations such as the Hayward’s barn, the Woodland, Herb, and “Vermont Ruin” gardens as their stages, the artists will perform short pieces throughout the day.

Delicious gourmet lunches, elaborate salads, desserts, beverages and ice cream will be available for purchase. Another very special feature of this year’s Puppets in Paradise is silent auction featuring rare puppets from the annals of Sandglass History. There will even be puppets created by Eric and Ines that predate the founding of Sandglass Theater. All proceeds from tickets, food, concessions and the auction go to benefit Sandglass Theater’s projects and programs. Sandglass Theater is a non-profit theater company located in Putney, Vermont, which specializes in the art of puppet theater and performance work.

Tickets for the day are $13 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Only cash or check accepted, Sorry no credit Cards. Tickets can be purchased at the Hayward’s garden on September 7 and 8.

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