Movement 2019: Art from 7 Years of the Southern Vermont Dance Festival

From July 18-21, the 7th annual Southern Vermont Dance Festival (SVDF) is celebrating the breadth and beauty of movement with a four-day schedule of classes, performances, community events, and more in Brattleboro. Preparing the way is “MOVEMENT 2019,” a multi-venue installation of twelve exhibits featuring diverse movement-inspired art work. Some pieces will be for sale.

Beginning as a response to Tropical Storm Irene and the Brooks House Fire, SVDF has grown to an annual summer event. Each year, the talents of multiple visual artists are showcased, bringing movement into another form for folks to enjoy. The 2019 lineup includes: Annie Macy, Ea Maples, Marek Jagoda, Allison Clarke, Zack Grace, Zach Stephens and Jeff Lewis.

The exhibit will also include seven amazing years of posters, newspaper articles and programs from the very beginning of the SVDF to today!

SVDF art is being displayed at the following venues:

Mocha Joes: Images of 2018’s 8th Annual SVDF
This collection of 24 photographs by Ea Maples, Marek Jagoda, Annie Macy and Allison Clarke highlights Gala performances, informal concerts, classes, and community events, capturing the essence of SVDF’s motto “Where Movement Meets Community.

Windham Movement Apparel: Jeff Lewis, photographer, with images of dancers in the studio and nature.
In conjunction with Windham Movement Apparel presents Jeff Lewis, who has been photographing circus and dance for several years. He just completed a two year project photographing bodies in motion through a series of circus and dance nudes, focusing on the body’s strength and grace in action.

Vermont Artisans: Images of AXIS Dance Company’s Residency with Southern Vermont Dance Festival
This exhibit by Annie Macy highlights the 2017 residency with AXIS Dance Company, the most renowned physically integrated dance companies in the United States. Merging canvas, photography and dance, the versatility of dance is embodied in artistic physical representation. Proving that dance is for EVERYONE, this exhibit follows the stunning artistry of the work and workshops presented by three dancers who are in wheelchairs dancing with two who are not.

Annie Macy is a local photographer and celebrates sports and dance through her photographic images.

Latchis Theatre Gallery: Photographer Zachary P. Stephens and glass artist Zak Grace
Documenting dance and movement from Luminz Studio, more images can be found at Grace, a local glass artist, presents: “Movement Through Glass,” which truly expresses the fluidity and physicality of the glass process, as well as the beautiful results.

Headroom Stages: Seven Amazing Years
This exhibit presents seven years of posters, newspaper articles and programs from the festivals inception to today! SVDF began as a response to Tropical Storm Irene and the Brooks House Fire and continues to be an annual summer event.

To purchase a festival pass or tickets to any of the incredible performances, check out SVDF’s website at, or email us at

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