The iBrattleboro Animated History Advent Calendar

xmas calendar 2020

It’s back. The annual tradition has not yet ended, though the most recent computers and browsers might have trouble as Flash really is coming to an end. That makes this a special gift for people who don’t upgrade!

The iBrattleboro Christmas Calendar  is a daily animated look at downtown Brattleboro, with new bits of local history thrown in every day. Follow along as the scene builds up, and keep a special eye out on the 24th.

This requires Flash, and Flash is ending. I can view this in one browser, but not another. Technically I consider this broken, but I know everyone likes it and it will work for some of you.

I have another animated gift for everyone this year, but it isn’t quite done. Stay tuned, though.

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  • Yay!

    Thank you! It’s sad Flash is ending, and this will be this edition’s last year. But I’m sure the new one will be even better. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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