Next Stage Arts and Vermont Suitcase Company bring The Feeble Fantastical to Putney

Next Stage Arts presents The Feeble Fantastical, a Vermont Suitcase Company production, at Next Stage Arts on Friday, July 21 at 7:00 pm.

“Theater is embedded into the fabric of this community, and The Vermont Suitcase Company is one of the threads of that tapestry,” says Keith Marks, Executive Director of Next Stage Arts. “Partnering with them to bring theater to our community is exactly the type of collaberation we envision as we create a thriving, cultural ecosystem in the region.”

About the show:

Argan is very ill (He’s not). Thankfully, his Doctors take wonderful care of him. (They exploit him). His loving second wife dotes upon him and protects him from those trying to swindle him out of his fortune (It’s her). Maybe he could finally get some rest if his Maid and his Brother would just stop meddling in his affairs (They’re actually trying to help). No worries, Argan will make everyone happy once he marries his daughter to a brilliant young doctor! (He’s NOT brilliant and She’s in love with someone else). Come see what’s real and what’s imagined in this Vermont Suitcase style take on Moliere’s “Le Malade Imaginaire”. It’s The Feeble Fantastical!

Next Stage Arts is located at 15 Kimball Hill, Putney, VT. Tickets are FREE for kids, $12 for adults. For information, call 802-387-0102 or visit

Next Stage Arts serves southeastern Vermont as a regional cultural hub, arts producer, and instigator of meaningful cultural experiences. Founded in 2010 as a nonprofit organization, Next Stage Arts is a transformative, community-centered project dedicated to revitalizing Putney’s cultural and economic village center through excellence in arts programming valuing diversity as a springboard for nurturing community.

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