WVEW 107.7 FM Is Now Streaming, Officially

Here’s some Brattleboro trivia for you. What local radio station is the first to have a legal stream of all programming on their station?

If you guessed WVEW 107.7 on the FM dial, you are correct. You can get the new stream by going to wvew.org and looking for the streaming links.

Adding the streaming option meant raising extra money to pay for a new level of digital rights in addition to the regular broadcast fees paid each year. It also means that local Brattleboro radio shows can be heard far and wide, anywhere there is an internet connection.

In addition to increased payments to rights companies, the station has subscribed to a data service to keep track of the wide variety songs and sounds played on the air. On-air folks will log all of their playlists to a single location, and this will be shared with the rights management companies.

WVEW had been streaming prior, but had turned the stream off after learning that other rights management fees were required. Once the fees were raised and paid, the stream was able to return.

You can make a contribution to the station or learn about underwriting opportunities at wvew.org.

You can also listen to me and Lise do our show, Bubblewrap, Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. (From anywhere, so no excuses!)

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