Some More Funky Music

I invested some free time in a new musical project that resulted in a new EP of funky tunes, so I thought I’d share. If you like dancing around, or driving around to a funky soundtrack, this might be something that interests you.

As some of you know, my first project had lyrics. Of course I didn’t like my voice, so the second EP, “Kitten In My Funk,” was all instrumentals.

For this EP, the decision was to slowly work back into lyrics – one word at a time. Each song here has a single word lyric, hence the name of the project: ONE.

Here’s a breakdown:

hONEsty – a smooth jazzy funk song that wants an extended remix. This came from my love of 80’s production, such as Kashif.

hONEydew – a new wave jump around party song about a melon. I think some of my B-52s roots show through here. (I hope so!)

ONE – a hip hop tribute to the old drum machines and early days of turntable scratching. Fun ONE to drive around to.

expONEntial – funky keyboard funk with lots of layers. I thought I should have a song here with everything on the one, so this was created.

provolONE – a summer go go groove recorded with items found in the kitchen:

bass drum – big red bowl
snare – whisk on Tupperware
hit hat closed – salad tongs
hi hat open – wok cleaning brush
shaker – rice container
hi toms – Alton Brown graduated measuring cups
mid toms – large plastic measuring cup
low toms – Pyrex bowl with red plastic lid
bell – metal mixing bowl
low keyboard – hand mixer
rototom – metal bowls varying sizes
guitar – immersion blender
ratchet – whisk on grater
cowbells – 2020 Manchuela wine bottle (from Windham Wines!) and chopstick

and if you get the above as an EP, you get a bonus track:  acetONE – a special bonus chill hip hop track to help you relax.


You can buy the EP (thanks!), but even better, if you like a track just click on it and go to its page and download it for free.  You can also do the same with older releases as well. And if you know someONE who might like this, please share!

Who knows. maybe I’ll double up and have two-word lyrics for the next EP.

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