Everyone Else Wants You To Quit Facebook First

Your friends and family will ultimately thank you. Take a few moments and quit Facebook.

Yes, go ahead and quit. 

I’ve done an informal survey of this summer and it seems many people who use Facebook don’t like that they use it. They know it is a crappy platform that is in the business of selling personal information to the highest bidder. They know Mark Zuckerberg is using them. They know the site is undermining democracy and is weaponized by political parties to sway voters. They know there are privacy problems. They are tired of being a commodity and tired of supplying personal data for free.

Yet, they continue to use and support the Facebook corporation. 

Why? Because you are there. “I have to keep my account because of grandma!” (or grandpa, or mom, or dad, or a best friend…) is the number one reason people are still using the site.  They are using it because you won’t quit, and they’ll feel left out. Or they feel they’ll be leaving you out, so they are keeping an account open for your sake.

If you leave, they can leave. They are waiting for you to go first.

(My informal survey also seemed to indicate that people still using Facebook are extremely stressed out. Almost in a state of panic at times. Clear, strategic thinking is suffering. )

Facebook addiction is like crack. I know it is hard to look away. You can do it. You’ll be better for it.

Do yourself, your friends and your family a favor and quit using Facebook.

“But Chris,” you say. “I have to use it.”   

No. You don’t. There are alternatives for staying in touch with people, getting news, and sharing interesting things with others.  

You can write letters, send postcards, make phone calls, send emails, have your own blog, or use other sites that are safer and more secure with your data. You can read newspapers, or go to news sites directly rather than look for headlines in Facebook feeds. You could meet in person for a snack or invite someone over. All of these things exist outside of Facebook. Life will go on. It might even get better.

Anyone who is really your “friend” will continue to stay in touch. They will continue to “like” you. They may actually find your action to be inspirational.

All you need to do is change some habits and spend your time doing something different. You’ll have more time in the day. You’ll be happier. You’ll be more productive, which will make you even more happy. 

Others are waiting. You can do it. 

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