Susan Avery on “Here We Are”

What would you do if you found out your children suffer from addiction? Listen to this show, and hear one woman’s story on how and where she found resources, comfort and courage……and the wisdom to keep love alive and available for her family. Susan’s mission is to help others with similar stories.

Face of Recovery Film at Library


       BPD with the U.S. Attorney’s office is hosting a viewing of the short film (10 minutes) titled, “Face of Recovery.” The film is about the journey and ultimate success in recovery of Justin Goulet. Following the film will an opportunity for questions/answers and comments for Justin along with U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan. 

The presentation will be 29 August 2019 in the Brooks Memorial Library Main Room at 7:00 PM.  

Everyone Else Wants You To Quit Facebook First

Your friends and family will ultimately thank you. Take a few moments and quit Facebook.

Yes, go ahead and quit. 

I’ve done an informal survey of this summer and it seems many people who use Facebook don’t like that they use it. They know it is a crappy platform that is in the business of selling personal information to the highest bidder. They know Mark Zuckerberg is using them. They know the site is undermining democracy and is weaponized by political parties to sway voters. They know there are privacy problems. They are tired of being a commodity and tired of supplying personal data for free.