Welcome To The Newest iBrattleboro

It’s the same as before, except different!

Technically speaking, this is version 3.0. We’ve switched the underlying content management system, the site  is now mobile-friendly, and everything will soon be encrypted.

Our work isn’t finished, but it is close enough to let you join us as we make final adjustments. It helps to have people using the site actively as we fine tune. You may see a few test items come and go over the next few days, and you will see some definite improvements.

Right now, though, there are a few things we hope you’ll especially enjoy:

  • An updated logo.
  • We’ve simplified the design, and got rid of some clutter.
  • An all new calendar, with lots of great features. It should be much easier to add events, and much easier to see and sort events. Add a photo to your event listing easily.
  • New classifieds system with new features.
  • New directory of local links. Add your business or organization. Or both.
  • Gorgeous photo fun photo displays.
  • The weather works again!
  • Bigger, simpler ads.
  • RSS subscriptions to send events and/or stories to you directly.
  • Today In History has it’s own page now.

There’s more, but we won’t overwhelm you right now.

Feel free to ask questions and point out difficulties. Within a few weeks we hope to have everything running quite smoothly.

Thanks to old-timers and new users alike.

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  • Nice!

    I like the look – congrats!

  • Love it!

    Clean and easier to navigate. Huzzah!

  • Thanks and congrats - and a puzzlement

    Your hard work is appreciated. Just a question, though: Are PUZZLES still available? Couldn’t find them.

  • Checking in

    Thanks for bearing with us during this big transition. We are learning too! Bringing this one to launch was like building a big new house for a whole town… It’s not quite there, but hopefully people won’t mind that the paint isn’t quite dry. We’re working hard to get it into shape on all fronts now that it’s active, and we can see what needs doing.

    Let us know if you have any difficulties and we’ll keep you posted as things happen.

  • Nice Job!

    I like the new look.

  • Events

    We’re looking at an error with NOT logged in folks adding events. Until then, you can LOG IN and post them, or email them info@ibrattleboro.com

  • Looks great!

    I’m liking it! Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Congratulatory

    Brave of you to do
    as Mercury goes retro
    My head spins in joy.

    • Race to the finish

      I have to confess that Mercury going retrograde at 8:19 pm yesterday put a certain fire in us to go live. We got in just under the wire at about 7:02pm. Phew. 😉

      I’m counting on the energy of Spring to propel us all forward. Onward and upward!

  • Like the Look

    Amazing new look.
    Appreciating all your hard work
    And obvious success.

  • ibratt

    very nice

  • Love the new format!

    Great job, Chris and Lise! Easy to navigate and looks classy! Thanks for all your hard work.

  • A few more new things this weekend

    On the homepage, under each story, the word “comments” now links to any comments. There is also a link to jump to the “Full Story” – so you don’t have to click on the headlines if you don’t want to. Especially helpful for phones.

    We’ve added our regular reminder to login, or provide some contact info in any story you submit. (If we can’t tell who it’s from, we’ll just wait til you get in touch and claim it.)

    We’ve done some more security-related tightening up.

    And, as I said, crosswords are back (under the browse menu).

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