Numbers Are Letters and Words Are Numbers

Its been 15 days since I last posted on iBrattleboro. Brattleboro=47 in English Reduction(2+9+1+2+2+3+5+2+6+9+6)=47. 47 is the 15th prime number.  iBrattleboro=137 in English Ordinal 137 is the 33rd prime number. 33, in numerology, is the master teacher number. Teacher=33 in English Reduction. I figured today, the 11th, was a good time to post, plus, 11 is my favorite number.

I have not posted here but I have on my blog. Spreading this knowledge is essential. This occult knowledge that needs to be out in the open. Numbers by themselves don’t mean anything. The intent behind the numbers is what has power. This is the true meaning of “spelling”. Numbers are letters. Words are numbers. Numbers are words. This is all about speaking things into existence.

The Strolling of the Heifers was on  6/2 or in most of the world 2/6. Strolling of the Heifers=317 in Reverse Ordinal. 317 is the 66th prime number. The Founder and executive director, Orly Munzing=66 in English Reduction. Stroll=66 in Reverse Ordinal ( 8+7+9+12+15+15=66). Brattleboro is home to Holstein Association USA. They are the world’s largest dairy cattle breed organization. Holstein association USA=137 in Reverse Reduction. 137 is the 33rd prime number. 33+33=66.  The stroll is about ; farms=33 in Reverse Reduction. Its about; dairy=33 in Reverse Reduction, family=33 in Reverse Reduction and family farms=66 in Reverse Reduction.

There was another  story of a comedian clashing with Trump. This time it was Ivanka’s turn.  On 5/31/2018, The White House said that Samantha Bee’s attack on Ivanka Trump was “vile and vicious”.  On the 151st day of the year they printed a story about Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump=151  in Reverse Ordinal. 151 is the 36th prime number. 5/31 (5+31=36) has 36 numerology. Bee called her a “feckless c—-“. Feckless c=47  in English Reduction (s=10). Ivanka Trump=47 in English Reduction.  Ivanka Trump is the first daughter. First daughter=66 in English Reduction. “Vile and vicious”=66 in English Reduction.

On 6/1 there was a story on CNN about an e.coli outbreak. E.Coli outbreak=137 in English Ordinal. 137 is the 33rd prime number. The article mentioned that ; people=33 (English Reduction) were becoming ill=33 (English Ordinal). “An additional 25 people have become ill from eating lettuce contaminated with E. coli, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.” 25 people on a day with 25 numerology. 6/1/18 (6+1+18=25). The headline said 197 illnesses. 197 is the 45th prime number. This was on a day with 45 numerology. 6/1/2018 (6+1+18+20=45). The news about romaine and bacteria was from the CDC. CDC =17 in Reverse Reduction. 17 is the 7th prime number. This happened on a day with 7 numerology. 6/1 (6+1). Bacteria=59 the 17th prime number. Romaine=114 in Reverse Ordinal. Illnesses=114 in English Ordinal. The word “lettuce” and “died” also have an alphanumeric connection.Lettuce=23 in English Reduction and 86 in English Ordinal and died=23 in Reverse Reduction and 86 in Reverse Ordinal .

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