Abortion Discussion Event: Speakers Wanted

SPECIAL PROJECT OPENINGS: BCS will be producing a series of discussions on topical issues. For our part the purpose of the series is civil discussion itself. This event, to be held in September, will be a public discussion of abortion and Proposition 5. We are seeking speakers for both sides: three pro-choice and one pro-life.

Also a stipend is offered for a pregnant woman as an expert or lived-experience witness. BCS prefers to have no moderator, but the exact format of the event will be determined after proposals by the speakers. Since we believe public discourse is the fabric of society we hope the public will witness people disagreeing respectfully on a serious moral issue. This is tantamount for the event and the series.

This event has been planned for months, but since the reversal of the Roe-v-Wade it seems urgent to schedule it so that people learn the thoughts of the other side.

SPONSORED BY Brattleboro Common Sense (BCS) a philanthropic 501c3 group promoting social justice and civic participation. We create ways to address global and national issues locally. In 2010 BCS won a court order ending censorship of petitions by town government, to protect the free speech of Brattleboro people and other local organizations. BCS has acted on nuclear power, election reform, renewable energy and climate rescue. Our S.A.F.E. Limited Police Disarmament plan started in 2017. Who joins BCS ?: people like our directors past and present, who separately started significant actions like the Youth Vote amendment, to bring the voice of youth to these issues, the town office of sustainability, a plastic bag ban, which became state law, and the Bush Indictment Resolution, which was reported around the world. Join Brattleboro Common Sense: together our voice goes far.


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