Dosa Kitchen: South Indian Soul Food Open All Weekend

What is a dosa?

Dosa is a fermented lentil and rice crepe that millions of Indians eat every day. Now you can enjoy them without leaving the state of Vermont.

Dosa Kitchen serves from-scratch dosas with a a rotating menu of curries. Our meat is free-range, and we always have a vegan option. All our food is gluten free and we support our local farms.

Where is Dosa Kitchen? Right in downtown Brattleboro, 139 Main Street down the alley (between Gallery in the Woods and Renaissance). It’s a little off the beaten track, but only by a few steps. Enjoy dining al fresco with a view of the foliage, or take your meal to go.

Have you tried a dosa yet? We are open this weekend noon till we sell out both Saturday and Sunday. (Our regular hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12-3.) Facebook:

Special this weekend: mulligatawny soup
A little background : mulligatawny soup is an Anglo-Indian soup; recipes abound, and many of us are familiar with the lentil-based version. Dosa Kitchen mulligatawny soup is based on chickpea flour, apples, and curry powder, making it a true British-Indian fusion soup (did you know that curry powder is more Western than Indian?) and a warming fall dish. We’ve got both vegetarian and chicken options on the menu today.

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