Dosa Kitchen Food Truck Is Open!

Food truck season is on! Dosa Kitchen’s hours are WED-SUN 12-3.
We are located at 400 Linden Street, at Grafton Village Cheese and the Retreat Farm.
We have a new website and menu, designed by local talent Lydia Burns,
and a new book coming out in June from Random House!
Check back shortly for news on our upcoming book party.
Hope to see you soon, friends.
Leda and Nash
Dosa Kitchen’s menu features produce from local farmers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. We use humanely raised meats, local eggs, and organic dairy and coconut milk. Our food is cooked in top-quality oils including organic extra-virgin olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Canola oil and other processed oils are absent from our menu. All our food is gluten-free and there are always dairy-free and vegan options on the menu.
Our menu is a reflection of the food Chef Nash Patel grew up with in Hyderabad, India, and cookbook author Leda Scheintaub’s mission to eat both globally and locally. We met in a South Indian restaurant in New York City where Nash was waiting tables. Nash offered advice on what to eat and how to eat it, and a culinary spark ignited. Nash brought tea leaves, ginger, and cardamom to our first date, and over a lesson in chai-making our future together was sealed. Soon after we moved to Brattleboro, Vermont, where we launched Dosa Kitchen to share our love for the dosa and our passion for farm-to-table food.

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