Prenatal Yoga in Putney!

A new prenatal yoga class is starting in Putney at Medicine for the People (125 Main St Putney VT) on Mondays 5:30-6:45PM

Prenatal yoga is extremely beneficial for all women at any stage of pregnancy regardless of whether you’re an experienced yogi or have never done a downward dog in your life. 

Some of the benefits of prenatal yoga:

~ eases back, neck, and shoulder pain
~ eases stress, tension, and fear
~ prepares the body for birth and post-partum
~ brings a sense of ease and calm to moms-to-be
~ a supportive environment in which to practice yoga in a changing body
~ breathing and relaxation techniques that will help throughout your pregnancy and labor

This class is taught by Elizabeth Kelley, certified prenatal yoga instructor. Prenatal Yoga classes are designed to be strengthening, soothing, and safe (and fun!). Breathwork, meditation, guided relaxation, and self massage are woven into the yoga practice. If you’ve never done yoga before, have no fear! Prenatal Yoga is absolutely accessible for beginners. 

For more information,, or 802-387-3028

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