Seven Day Chakra Challenge!

Do you want to take your practice to the next level?

Join us for this seven-day yoga intensive. Each day, you will explore a different Chakra through a guided meditation, mantra, yoga asana (postures), and journaling.

Learn how the Chakras affect psycho-spiritual, emotional, and physical health and develop tools to incorporate them into your mind-body awareness to deepen your meditation and/or yoga practice. This class will be appropriate for and welcoming to all levels of experience.

The class will meet at Medicine for the People at 125 Main Street, Putney, March 18th-24th: M-F 7:30-9:00am, Sat. 9-10:30am, and Sun. 9-11am. The cost is $108 before March 11th, $125 afterwards.

The Chakra Challenge is presented by three local teachers: Certified Yoga Instructors, Elizabeth Kelley and Lara Darrow, and Sonosomatic Practitioner, A. Makote Deguevara. Together they bring a keen awareness of the physical and subtle body, a sense of humor, and a commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of each individual and the greater community. For more information, call 802-387-3028or

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