Healing Through Trigger Point Therapy

If you feel older than you want to or think you should, your joints are getting as swollen as your brain feels some days, or you know someone with chronic pain, do whatever you can to get yourself and everyone you know in the same position to Brattleboro, VT, Tuesday, Sept 3, 6-8pm to hear the latest from international pain expert Devin Starlanyl at BMH in Brew Marry CR 3. Starlanyl, medical researcher and long term patient herself, co-authored new release “Healing through Trigger Point Therapy: A Guide to Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction”. Starlanyl says “Our Primary purpose is to educate the patients and caregivers, and the medical community, of the complexity of chronic pain conditions that when properly diagnosed, may ultimately end a world of suffering.”

Knowledge of this myofascial (myo=muscle, + fascia=connective tissue) medicine has been suppressed, as it empowers patients to heal themselves with the help of properly educated professionals not often found in our medical institutions (yet). As we all know, western medicine is increasingly dominated by pharmaceutical and insurance companies, which does not help these patients. Practiced in Europe and slowly becoming increasingly available in various forms in the US due to patient demand, it has become clear to researchers that Trigger Point therapy can change the face of western pain medicine as it is now practiced.

Starlanyl will speak to patients and care providers on critical changes in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions as addressed in hew new book. Other books co-authored by Starlanyl include Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain and The Fibromyalgia Advocate. These clinical disorders share symptoms with may other disorders and are among the most commonly misdiagnosed. Info on these conditions can be found on www.sover.net/~devstar. Start with the homepage!

Our primary purpose is to educate the medical community and patient and caregiver population on the complexity of chronic pain conditions that may arguably be improved, sometimes “cured”, with manual treatment when properly diagnosed and treated – which diagnosis is extremely rare. The field of myofascial medicine (soft tissue injury) causing everything from migraines and chronic back aches, to diagnoses like TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome (rarely involving the carpel tunnel thus not responsive to surgery) and plantar fasciatis – is rarely taught or mentioned in medical school – and many of these issues can be successfully treated manually.

Contact Justine Jeffrey 802-251-0155 to register.

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