Prescription Drug Access Seminar

Richard Davis RN, long-time health care advocate, will be offering an information seminar for Windham County residents who are looking to find out the best way to buy prescription medications at the lowest price.

With the closing of Hotel Pharmacy and Brattleboro Pharmacy people are facing confusing and difficult choices finding out how to continue getting their prescriptions filled.

This seminar is for people who do not have insurance for medications. If you have Medicare D or are enrolled in a prescription drug insurance program this seminar is not for you.

Richard will provide information about the best mail order pharmacies to purchase maintenance medications, usually a three month supply. He will also explain how to access and use the different types of pharmacy savings cards.

Sessions will be limited to eight people. Cost is $30 per person for a session that will be about one hour. The first session will be scheduled as soon as enough people sign up. If there is a big demand there will be more sessions.

Private sessions can be scheduled for $50 an hour with $50 minimum.

To sign up for a seminar or for more information e-mail Richard Davis,

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