Town of Brattleboro Fall Leaf Collection Schedule 2017

The following dates have been scheduled for Brattleboro’s curbside Fall Leaf Collection. All locations will be picked up each Friday:

Leaf Pick Up Date

ALL RESIDENTS Friday, October 20, 2017

ALL RESIDENTS Friday, November 3, 2017

All leaves and clippings must be in brown paper leaf bags and at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on scheduled leaf collection days. Acceptable waste…leaves, grass, clippings, garden waste, twigs, no branches larger than 1″ in diameter and 2 feet long. No other household trash is to be included.

NO PLASTIC BAGS or other containers will be accepted.

Brown paper leaf bags are available for purchase at local businesses.

These will be the only days scheduled for curbside leaf pick up. There will be NO SATURDAY PICKUP.

Town of Brattleboro

211 Fairground Road, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
Tel: 802-254-4255 • Fax: 802-257-2316

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  • FAll Leaf Collection

    I have always wondered why this is scheduled so early, but especially this year. Although leaves are falling a little, the warm weather will make the leaf drop later than usual. We will be stuck with bags of leaves after the second collection. Happens every year.

  • Yup

    I second the request to shift these later. We have a big maple that’s still green with all leaves on.

    I also think the overnight street parking date is set too early, and should kick in the first time plows go out.

    Does anyone know of a source of leaf bags that don’t have logos on them?

  • To request a later date for Leaf Pickup

    On the Town of Brattleboro Website there is a Customer Service form .

    Here is the link to the Town’s Customer Service Form where a request that the town changes to a later leaf pickup may be made.

  • Another way

    I was just over near Buffalo. In Amherst, NY, everyone rakes their leaves to the side of the road in front of the house, then a street sweeper with a big hose comes by and sucks them all up.

    No bags at all!

  • I'll accept your leaves for free after the collection date

    Hi folks. I’m in need of leaves, lots of leaves. I’d like about 15 cubic yards of them, yes, fifteen. We’re doing deep mulch gardening and insulating a double-walled wigwam. Totally dry is ideal, but a little damp is fine, however wet just won’t work. I need not get this all at once; if you have a significant fraction, that’d be fine, too. There were plenty of leaves still on at least oak trees after the town’s last leaf collection on 11/3, so perhaps you’ve a lot to dispose of. Bring them all here, whether bagged or loaded up on your trailer. Maybe you have a lawn care or landscaping company or know of one that would like to dispose of leaves. I can come get them myself, if there is a lot, though I’m limited to the capacity of a minivan; I’d make multiple trips if conveniently bagged and/or the leaves are in good dry condition and/or it’s close to my location (off route 30).

    • I have leaves

      I missed the town leaf collection and have 15 bags of leaves if you want them –

      give me a call 254-9193 to arrange pick-up

    • some more

      4 bagfuls at 41 Cedar in the driveway if you want to pick them up. They’ll be sitting until spring, so no hurry… : )

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