Brattleboro Tree Warden Wins Hamilton Award

Brattleboro Tree Warden Dan Adams is the 2020 recipient of the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program’s Hamilton Award, which honors a Tree Warden “who has significantly advanced the goals of urban and community forestry through successful forestry practices, effective conservation planning, increased citizen engagement, and active public education.” The award is named for Dr. Larry Hamilton, the former Tree Warden in Charlotte, VT.

A private consulting forester, with over 35 years in the forestry business, Dan was nominated by Brattleboro Director of Public Works Steve Barrett.

Dan has been the Brattleboro Tree Warden for over 20 years, assessing the health and condition of public trees in the town’s right-of-ways, parks, and on other town owned properties. He may work with any town government department but most often works with the Department of Public Works as well as Parks and Recreation. Citizens who have questions or concerns about a tree, or trees, can also contact Dan for consultation.

Dan helped establish the Brattleboro Tree Advisory Board, which works with the Tree Warden to protect our urban forest. In 2015, he worked with the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program to create the Brattleboro Public Tree Inventory, which helps the Board monitor the health of town trees.

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  • Bravo Dan Adams


    Thanks for your good work for trees in the community.
    Glad you won the Hamilton Award.
    Larry Hamilton was a noble guy and friend of mine from Veterans for peace

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