Shopping at Swap Shop

SHOPPING DAY (no donations accepted) at Swap Shop at WSWMD on Old Ferry Road, Brattleboro on Saturday, June 18, 8:30 am to noon. ALL ITEMS ARE FREE.   Photos of some available items are posted on Facebook’s Brattleboro, Vermont group page. MANY NEW ITEMS! WE’RE OVERSTOCKED!
Shopping Days- 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month
Donation Days- 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month
If a month contains 5 weeks, the Swap Shop will be closed
Hours are 8:30am-12pm.  (Large donation loads may not be accepted after 11:30am)Shopping Days- Enter through the back gate, park in the usual parking area, shop and exit through the main gate
Donation Days- Enter through the back gate, get in line and wait at the STOP sign and stay in your car.  A volunteer will direct you to check in your donation and then exit through the main gate

Swap Program information is available at
Email questions to

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  • what's the point of having a private FB group if you don't allow anyone to join?

    just stupid annoying behavior

    • I like local

      What’s the point of Facebook? : )

      More seriously, given their well-documented history of being a terrible company, one has to question the judgment of anyone still using it. It was excusable years ago. Now… not so much.

      That said, glad to see the Swap Shop promoted locally on community media! This is the right place! (Reminder that you can have a FB-like page here ( ) and have groups, send messages, DM, and so on.)

      Also, new signs at WSWMD have been making it much easier to see where things get dumped. I like ’em.

      • as Betty White put it in her SNL monologue
        “I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time.”

        I have a FB account.
        I do what I can to make sure I don’t have more than zero friends.
        And here Swap Shop demands it but doesn’t pay attention to the friend request.
        (haha I almost misspelled it “fried request”)
        just stupid all around

        • FB Group

          Are you saying the Brattleboro, Vermont group didn’t let you join? I had chosen to use that group for the Swap posting as the Swap Shop is in Brattleboro and the group info said you didn’t need to be a resident to join. Also, I’m confused by your comment re: the friend request…how does the Swap Shop demand a friend request? The Swap Shop doesn’t have a FB account so wouldn’t be able to receive a friend request. Do you have suggestions for how/where it would be better to post Swap info?

          • Are you really so clueless as to not know how to make public a series of images

            without requiring the viewer to make an account?
            Are you for real?


            I put in the 100seconds to google “how to publish photos on the internet” and cut and paste the most informative result
            but only because the hockey game is in the first intermission and I had 100sec to kill

  • "Are you for real?"

    and, “Are you really so clueless” are unkind and unnecessary.

    I guess we all have a bad day now and then, and speak a bit thoughtlessly.

    • I strongly disagree

      snowflakes whine about wording when they have coming to them

      try following the thread

    • further, Steven

      Your decision to cherry-pick my response is the unhelpful bit.

      Did I not point them in the right direction?
      Did I not point out that they gotten on the right track in a matter of mere seconds?

      So, SKB, if you don’t perpetually have a grievance, can you breathe?

      • *that they could have gotten*


        • You're oh so very much in the wrong

          when you b&m about the unkind and unhelpful like a simpering tween brat, carrying on about the wording while willfully ignoring the big picture.

          The wording and unconventional placement is helpful _because_ the wording is (mildly) rough.

          It’s most unhelpful and quite unkind to let rbem hold onto the notion that the thread is about FB when the responses by myself & grotke clearly state that FB is the problem. It was vital to not let rbem’s post be the last word.

          Why is it, over three decades since I’ve needed to know it, that I still recall, without issue,
          Bay Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly

          Long ago you sang along with dylan about not criticizing things you don’t understand
          but that was ages ago and clearly you moved on from that notion.

          It’s all just bad faith coming out of you.
          Your snot-nosed musings are a product of inconceivably insufferable
          and I’m having none of it.

          Come September it will be fifteen years since I’ve moved to this town.
          I still find it infested with stuck-up no-talent turkeys
          and I still have no interest in appeasing them.

          I’ll let the almighty priest play me out:

  • Enjoy summer

    Okay, enough…. this isn’t productive anymore and points have been made.

    Communication can occur without name calling.


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