My Good Friend Mark Is Looking For An Apartment

I have a friend, who wishes to rent an apartment in Windham County. His name is Mark Laurence. I have known him for about 5 or 6 years. Through a VA program, Mark’s rent can be up to $1,000 per month. He currently lives and rents in Massachusetts.

I think that Mark’s good character makes him a desirable tenant. He is guided by an internal compass, so that he can be counted on to meet his obligations. In fact, Mark goes beyond his obligations. When he visits me and Donna, he cannot stop himself from noticing something that needs to be fixed, and insists on taking care of it. He is skilled, and has a knack for knowing exactly what needs to be done. (He even fixed a clothes dryer for us which we thought needed to be junked, and now works perfectly) At his present residence, Mark has made repairs at no charge to his landlady.

Regarding Mark’s timetable: He has a meeting with a VA representative on January 25, and if he has a place in Vermont lined up by then, he can get approval on time to give notice before February 1 so that he could take possession of the new rental in Vermont on March 1st. Mark’s rental is month-to-month so the move-in date could be April 1, but he prefers sooner rather than later. (Not wanting to leave his current landlady with a vacancy, Mark has a particular responsible person in mind who, with the landlady’s agreement, would take occupancy when Mark leaves.

After you have received this message, Mark and you can talk. Please let me know if you would like to speak with Mark, and I will put you in touch..

Steven K-Brooks
(802) 254-7750 phone & text

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