Question For All Present and Hopeful Selectboard Members

I know it is late to be asking but …..

What is your position on Smart Meters in particular wired vs no wired technology? Could you share with the voters what you know about them?

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  • Smart Meter Response

    Hey Chris,

    Smart Meters are electrical meters that analyze and communicate electrical usage data back to a central database. This communication allows the grid to more effectively distribute electricity which helps to reduce waste (most power is lost during transmission) and helps to avoid black outs and purchasing expensive back up electricity on the spot market.

    I understand that Smart Meters are a sensitive subject for people especially wireless ones. There have been concerns about privacy and the health effects of wireless smart meters- that’s why I supported the option for opt-out. Those who do not want to participate don’t have to and those who do can help the state realize real benefits from the implementation of a smart grid.

    I hope this helps answer your question.


  • Smart meters

    I assume your question is about wireless smart meters.
    As more individuals and organizations build solar arrays, measuring local generation is going to be necessary for this transition to site-based renewable energy generation. I expect smart meters will be an important part of that process.
    If people don’t want a wireless meter on their homes, they should be able to opt out.

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