Appliance Repairers in Brattleboro?

Washer and dryer both acting up and need troubleshooting and possible repair. Does anyone do this sort of thing around here any more? They’re not all that old, hate to replace them if they’re fixable.

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  • Dompier

    We had great service from Dompier with our washer and dryer. They are old models that we like to keep running because they have no computers in them, and they work great.

    Reminds me.. we should call them for a tune-up. : )

  • I have used Dompier, but I'd

    I have used Dompier, but I’d call Bert’s Appliance Repair, LLC (802)579-2577 first for washer and dryer. I stick with Dompier for vacuum and other electrical things.

  • I've had good service from Central Appliance in West Bratt

    It was awhile ago but they serviced my washing machine and dryer a couple of times, still ticking at 13+ years old.

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