Getting Rid of Critter?

There is a critter in the pipe of an unused wood stove in my house. John at Aardvark Wildlife is out of town. Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Smoke 'em out

    Even though the stove is unused at present, it’s probably safe enough to make a small fire in it, using things that generate a lot of smoke, like pine needles & such. The smoke should drive the critters out the way they came in.

  • other ideas

    The fire might work, unless the critter came in through the fire-making location.

    Peanut butter is an excellent enticement for hungry animals. You might be able to lure the animal out with food. You can use a mousetrap, piece of screen, and a coffee can to build a non-lethal trap if the critter might fit.

    If the stove pipe can come apart, you might try taking it apart. Depends how adventurous you are feeling, and how close it is to an open door for the animal to escape.

  • fire is not the way

    The inside of a stove is not a nice place, the critter would leave via the chimney if it could. When I had a chipmunk trapped in my stove I opened all the doors and windows and then let it out into the room. It made a bit of a mess as it scrambled around but found it’s way out eventually. I then put a large mesh (you don’t want creosote to build up and block the screen) stainless steel wire screen on the chimney cap to keep it from happening again.

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