Notary Public in Brattleboro?

Anyone know where’s a cheap notary public service in town?


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  • Notoriety

    Notary fees tend to be modest anyhow; typical places to have something notarized are real estate offices, banks, law firms, & in fact town municipal offices. If you have an account at a local bank, check your branch to see about fees.

    It also depends on number of documents to be notarized: often the fee is per document. Fees I believe range from $2 to maybe $10.

    ANOTHER ANGLE: Vermont Justices of the Peace who happen also to be notaries, are not allowed, by State law, to charge ANY fee to notarize a document. Thing is, not all JP’s are also notaries — it’s an option for a JP to file to be one. Your Town Office (if in Brattleboro, the Town Clerk’s office in the Municipal Ctr) could give you the names of the JP’s in your Town. Perhaps the Brattleboro Town Clerk would happen to know which of Bratt;’s I think it’s maybe 15? JP’s is also a Notary Public. Otherwise, it would probably be tiresome to take the list of names & phone them one by one til you find a JP-Notary. But you could do that if saving what is a rather modest amount is important to you.

  • notary

    I am a VT notary, very inexpensive and willing to barter. 579-8878

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