Recommend a Professional Interior Painter in Southern Vermont?

We are looking for recommendations for someone insured to paint the inside of a house in Brookline, Vermont. Just north of Newfane.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  • Jason Alden

    He is honest and friendly.

    Besides being a house painter, he also teaches at the River Gallery School, here in Brattleboro.

    He happens to be my upstairs neighbor, and I should have his number, but I don’t. But they would have it at the school. Call them, and explain you want to contact Jason Alden about a painting job.

    Welcome to Brattleboro.


  • Jason is my son - you can

    Jason is my son – you can email him at :
    And, yes, aside from being an extraordinary son he is a fantastic house painter- many years experience and a host of excellent local references.
    Not sure how busy his schedule is but it’s worth shooting him am email.

  • Paul

    Paul Gardner – Hawk & Brush.

    See his ad here on iBrattleboro for contact info.

  • Thanks

    Thank you for these suggestions.

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