Downtown Brattleboro Lights Flashing on Friday?

When leaving work around 2 on Friday, I–for some crazy reason–decided to drive through town. Traffic was very heavy, including pedestrian traffic. To my surprise, the lights were flashing , resulting in driving chaos, and making it practically suicidal for pedestrians, I ended up belligerently holding up traffic behind me to allow a lady to cross the street who had been waiting for quite a while in the hot sun.

Who makes the decision on those lights? I am going to have to dissagree with the decision on Friday, unless it was unavoidable. I was very relieved to reach Gougers Market, as I saw many close calls involving turning cars, stressed pedestrians, and generally busy traffic.

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  • check article from Friday re: Accident

    Most likely was due to accident noted on Friday.

    • Flash/crash

      According to a town employee I talked to on Friday, the lights were put on flash due to the crash on 91. They do that when 91 closes for whatever reason (crashes, etc.) to get the detoured traffic moving through town as quickly as possible. Not sure how helpful that was…

  • Preference

    I have always found myself sighing a big sigh of relief when the lights go to flash. Aside from the pedestrian issue, it always seems to me that traffic flows much more smoothly and quickly. There is a degree of diligence that’s required when this happens — it’s certainly not recommended for student drivers or people addicted to their cell phones.

    My guess is that the town sets the lights to flash during a Rte 91 re-route for exactly this reason: traffic flows better!

  • Accident on I-91

    Is there an article on iBrattleboro or the Reformer relating to the accident on I-91?

  • Lights at High and Main and Elliot and Main

    There is no question that the lights at High and Main, and Elliot and Main are needed for better traffic turns onto Main Street.
    Since I’ve never had a problem with the misnamed “Malfunction Junction” that intersection’s flashing lights do not concern me, however, I can see a traffic light there is important to crossing pedestrians.

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