Lucite Embedment

Was wondering if anyone out there can refer me to a source selling “do it yourself” Lucite or Acrylic embedment kits I can order to preserve a dried specimen in a clear, translucent block maybe 2″ thick x3″ wide and  6′ long. The found object, a crayfish is very fragile but completely dried out. Is this a difficult process with mixing exact proportions while trying to beat the clock before it sets up and how do you avoid air bubbles, is it expensive and what accessories do you need to complete a project?? Thanks if you can help

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  • not impossible

    It looks like something that isn’t that hard to do, if you don’t mind following steps and maybe practicing a few times to get the hang of it before doing the crayfish.

    Here’s a link to some resin embedding instructions that seem pretty good (though the web page looks like it came from the 1990’s).

    • Thanks for info Chris this

      Thanks for info Chris this will help, not sure where to purchase the Lucite resin, so far one of the limiting catches to this project, maybe it’s like Cuprinol wood preservative, a great product but not readily available to the main stream public any longer unless you live in Europe, I know you can send away your item to be set permanently preserved in a clear view entombment of Lucite to display but to get this done will be a good sum of money and my item is way too fragile to survive a mail trip to California.

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