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  • Retreat Pickets

    Report in the Refomer: Protesting schedule changes:,543264

  • Hmmm

    Looks a lot deeper than just scheduling changes. The Union seems tired of a continually changing set of rules, and it seems like management is tired of the Union complaining about it.

    To an outsider, this appears to be one of those things that will get worse before it gets better, unless some creative peacekeeping is introduced.

    I know Retreat folks read this… what say ye? What’s the positive solution that can be the outcome?

  • Out again

    Another protest today, in very hot and humid weather.

    If any of the protestors are staying in cooler air, and maybe they would like to type up a protest letter to submit here? (hint hint) Rally even more support, maybe?

    Or not. It’s a hot day before a holiday. : )

    I did notice that the Retreat has put up bright orange netting to enclose/fence the property. My generous thought is that it is meant to keep people from cutting across the lawn.

  • Protesters will be out on Friday evening

    Come by and show your support at the Commons 5pm to 6pm Friday during Gallery Walk.

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