Dry Cleaning Machines Around Brattleboro?

Seeking info on whether any of the laundromats in Brattleboro have self-service dry cleaning machines?

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  • Corollary

    Are there any laundromats left around Brattleboro? (ha!)

    More seriously, the loss of a laundromat downtown made it difficult for downtown and nearby renters, especially those without cars. It is important for livability to have places to walk to for doing laundry.

    The lack of dry cleaning and shoe repair adds to the misery.

  • Its specifically self-service dry cleaning I'm seeking

    Yes, loss of laundromats in general is a subject of concern bit there are (apparently; I see one listed on Western ave that I trust is still there) 3 laundromats in Bratt, tho none truly downtown.

    To further explain what I’m looking for: We just put on a play with a lot of costumes; a few are washable, so that’s easy enough, but most will need dry cleaning in order to be packed & saved. It would be prohibitively expensive to take them to a real dry cleaner (well, to take them to the ONLY dry cleaner still in Bratt.) so we were hoping to find a laundromat that, in addition to the regular water-usng machines, would still have those big dry cleaning self-service machines. In former days, one could load up one of those & dry clean a big bunch of stuff for pretty cheap. Probably not as cheap anymore!

    Of the 3 places listed online, only 1 answers the phone: Bucket o’ Suds on Putney Rd. They are attached to and co-owned by Euroclean dry cleaners next store, and as I had guessed, they don’t have dry cleaning machines (make sense, as they’d be competing against their dry cleaning service.)

    The other 2 places are fancifully-named Norge Cleaning Village, the place corer of Birge & Canal. They have an answering machine but no person. Then there’s something like Garden Village something in West Bratt, also no person answering. (I guess laundromats are so dreary in the public mind that their owners tend to give them pleasant names.)

    So back to my original question, which is does anyone on ibrattleboro know if either Canal or West B. laundromats have dry cleaning machines?

    There appears to be a laundromat in Hinsdale; guess I’ll phone them. Greenfield???

  • Winter Coat

    I brought my winter coat to be drycleaned.
    Turns out that a new one would be cheaper.

  • Striking out on this

    Further research indicates these places don’t have such machines anymore, & that they’re a thing of the past. Maybe just as well, environmentally, but it means a community theater group, on limited budget, can’t get a big load of costumes dry cleaned anymore. This is probably another example of progress….

  • Do It Yourself

    There are options for “faking it” at home. Seems like a mesh bag is essential.


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