What’s The Story With The Heart-shaped Red Light Display on Main Street Looking over Elliot Street?

In 2020 it went up around Valentine’s day and stayed lit at night until well into autumn.

This year it went up again around Valentine’s Day and continues to be lit up now at the end of March.

Holiday decorations are fine, but a few weeks after the event the decorations become blight.

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  • Just a guess

    It might have something to do with LoveBrattleborovt.com

  • Another guess

    It marks Brattleboro’s Red Light District….

    • lol

      good one

      • More seriously

        I do agree that seasonal decorations left up year round (or too long) seems to be a problem in some places. Looks like someone doesn’t really care.

        Sure, it’s not easy to take things down and put them up every year, but that’s what makes them special.

        I’m reminded of my grandfather’s xmas lights. Each December he’d have me get them out of the attic and put them up for him. These were outdoor lights to go along the canal in Florida. First there were stakes to put in, then the stringing of the light cords through the stakes and into palm trees, then I had to go put all the bulbs in. Probably a few hundred bulbs to screw in.

        A few weeks later, I had to go and unscrew all the bulbs and put them away, then take down the cords, and so on and put it all away. The whole thing was a bit annoying to me, but everything was kept in perfect shape and when lit up, looked quite nice. (Everyone in his area would one the canals with lights, then they’d all tour around in boats, caroling.) If they were up year round, I’d have been a bit less busy and the whole thing would lose its magic.

  • Well, I finally noticed that it is no longer lit.

    Free at last.

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