Seeking Recommendation: Jetta with Electrical Problem

Hi, all. Has anyone else had a VW Jetta with electrical problems? ie, the headlights come on by themselves, or the daytime running lights, or the plate light, or the seat belt warning comes on when you are buckled in. How did you resolve it, where did you take the car for repair? What did you pay? Were you satisfied with the repair work? Thanks.

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  • Hmmm

    What year? I see online that sometimes faulty ignition switches cause things like this to happen…

  • We have the same type of car

    Hi Tego. I also have a 2012 Jetta. I haven’t had the electrical issues you’re having, but I’ve had a few minor ones. Mostly just with the dash sensor telling me one of my head- or tail-lights is out when it’s not. That seems to happen when it’s humid out or raining.

    I can recommend a mechanic or two to you, though, and perhaps they can solve your issues.

    I’ve been bringing my car to Shippee Auto in Hinsdale for years. In fact, they worked on my last Jetta, and my old Mitsubishi. Shawn runs a fine shop there, and he and his technicians have tons of VW experience. They have helped me keep my Jetta in excellent shape.

    Doug Richmond in Guilford is also great with VWs. I’ve gone to him for a few minor things. Apparently, he loves solving electrical problems, and everyone I know who goes to him loves him.

    I hope this helps. Good luck to you.

  • I second the motion ...

    … about Doug. A very fine person, great shop, the pride of our neighborhood. I’d recommend him for anything. Yes, electrical problems are his specialty.
    Thanks, Wendy, for bringing up his name.


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