I’ve come to expect RoboCalls. I usually get 3 or four per day. Some days I get none.
However, today I keep getting them. I estimate I’ve received at least twenty, so far.


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  • scams

    I haven’t been getting robocalls, but do get a bunch of email phishing scams all day long.

    Lots of them come as warnings now “Your mailbox is full…click here…” or “Your attention needed… click here…” and so on. If my mailbox was full, they wouldn’t be able to send me that message. : )

  • Gift Card Email Scams

    There’s a new rash of email scams going around where someone spoofs an email address and sends emails to people on that address’s contacts list. Usually involves electronically sending gift cards or the card IDs and passcodes. They often pretend to come from someone respectable (a pastor, an officer of an organization). Ignore and delete!

    BTW they sometimes originate from email addresses publicly available on the website of a business or organization. Other times they’re grabbed off a list of addresses on a group email because someone’s computer on that email didn’t have a secure wifi connection. Good reason to password-protect your home wifi, and to send group emails using bcc instead of putting everyone in To or cc.

  • Scamming the Scammer

    One time as treasurer of an organization, I received an email “from” the president of said organization requesting disbursement of some funds, but I knew it wasn’t legit because it wasn’t how that person would have asked. Feeling mischievous and having some spare time, I responded and in a series of emails, without divulging any information on my end, “agreed” to electronically forward a specific amount of funds to an actual bank routing number and account number. Then I proceeded to call the actual bank and alert them to possible fraudulent use of one of their accounts, giving them all the information, for which they thanked me.

  • ¿Spanish?

    It’s only 3PM and so far, I’ve received about 7 calls. One of them was in Spanish (A first).
    I’ve read that one way to deal with these guys is to answer them and engage them in long conversations.
    They can’t afford to waste the time.

  • Incoming scams!

    Wasting their time, or taking the down an empty path, is a good strategy. Ask lots of dumb questions and have them repeat themselves.

    Growing up, my parents had a xeroxed handout they kept near the door, so when door to door offers would be pitched to us, they’d pitch back at them. Everyone would exchange handouts. : )

    Be careful – lots of scams coming from all directions! When in doubt, do nothing and get a second opinion.

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