If The Names On The Ballot Aren’t Printed The Same Size, Is That Ballot Fraud?

Cris Ericson
Tue, Sep 27
To Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos:

There appears to be a serious question of ballot fraud in the printing of the Nov. 8, 2022 general election ballot in Vermont. See attached Burlington sample ballot.

The names of candidates, including myself, Ms. Cris Ericson, for U.S. Senator are printed smaller than names of candidates for other offices even though there are three empty spaces in the bottom of the
middle column so there is no reason to print those names smaller.

Furthermore, by printing them smaller,
with the name of Peter Welch, Democrat,
printed last, that makes it easier to read his name
while it is harder to read the names above his.

I strongly object and protest and ask you
to re-print the ballot with
all of the names the same size.

Our taxes pay to print the ballot,
so it is also tax fraud to try
to make it easier to see
one candidate’s name better than others.
Again, when all of the names are printed too small,
then the one at the bottom is easier to read.

I think this might possibly be actionable in
a court of law for seriously and willfully
and intentionally trying to give an advantage
to the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senator,
Peter Welch.

Printing the names for U.S. Senator smaller
than all of the names of candidates for
other offices may be legally considered
an act against the promise of free and fair
elections in Vermont,
particularly since it is done so seriously
and willfully and intentionally proven by
the fact that there are three empty spaces
at the bottom of the middle column.

I think any survey of eye doctors would prove
a majority would
testify that when you have a list of names
printed small,
the bottom name is easiest to read.

Please re-print the ballot.

Cris Ericson for U.S. Senator
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont 05143

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  • Format

    Cris, this was caused by a very common computer formatting code. Due to the length of mama diamondstones name, the computer shrinks all text in the box to a uniform size in order to accommodate the longest name. This is very basic computer programming so I don’t really think there’s “a there, there”

  • Placement of names

    It is all alphabetical so Peter Welch’s name is, naturally, last.
    Received my ballot in the mail yesterday so I got to look at this directly instead of the poor image that was posted. I was able to read all those names easily without my glasses and I can hardly do anything without my glasses these days.

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