Arguing With VTEL, Who Takes a Scary Branch Down, What Defines Their Right-of-Way?

Arguing with VTEL, who takes a scary branch down,
what defines their right-of-way?
This thing is hanging in mid air.

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  • Branch

    It might be scary to you, but it does not look to endanger the utility lines. In residential situations a utility ROW is generally the right to place and maintain a pole on someone’s property. If within a street ROW, then the ROW belongs to the Town or State.

    The top wire in your photo is power. Power is always on top of a pole. The pole may belong to a power company such as GMP or the phone company such as Consolidated here in Brattleboro. I believe in Brattleboro, GMP owns the poles south Whetstone Brook and Consolidated to the North. Or visa versa.

    You give no info on location.

    Who does the tree belong too? Or whose land is the tree on. If on your property I would call a tree company. If the branch comes down, looks like it will fall on your yard or house. If it is a town or state tree you should call them if it is endangering your house. If it will fall harmlessly to the ground in the woods. Just run your campaign.


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